Happy Nutrition – we love food!

Happy Nutrition is Part of the Happy Dance Power System and its goal is to create a balanced, happy and healthy life.
We are what we eat – literally.
Our brains run on the fuel that we put into our bodies. Every single cell is made from the food we eat and the water we drink. Bad feelings, depression, low self-esteem as well as illneses and weight gain are often caused by the wrong diet. Happy Nutrition helps people with weight loss, depression and diet related health problems to improve overall well being, productivity and to find balance from within. Once we have the perfect weight, are in balance and well nourished, we are also happy, healthy and can live our life to the fullest.
Happy Nutrition will be available through booklets and eBooks, a YouTube channel with Videos that explain nutrition, healthy eating, food preparation etc. Additional information and tips about food and health will be on the Happy Dance website, its facebook page and other social media.

Are you struggling with loosing or maintaining your weight?
We can help you!

Our team of certified nutritionists is excellent in teaching and advising weight management and helping to maintain a healthy weight long term. Most fad diets are very short lived and don’t last and often the weight comes back after a certain amount of time. Our nutrition plans are very effective, long lasting and improving all over health as well. We focus on delicious meals that are satisfying and promoting weight loss and long term health.

Private consultation

Customized food plans
In our happy nutrition program we customize food plans and eating programs for our costumers. Sign up for a private consultation today too meet with one of our certified nutritionists online that will help you to reach your goals and create a happy and balanced life.

Your perfect weight

Is possible
Our program is perfect for people who want to; loose weight, improve muscle tone and athletic performance, improve their cognitive performance at work, relief stress, improve digestion and elimination and other diet related problems and/or want to be happier and healthier.

Eat healthy

And save money
Are you on a low budget and want to be healthier? Don’t hesitate to contact our happy nutrition team. We can help you to eat healthier and save money at the same time. It often seems very pricy to eat healthy, as most junk food is cheap. But there are a lot of tips and tricks that we can teach you to eat healthy on a low budget.


In yourself!
There is no price for perfect health and a long life. Invest a little bit money on our program and maybe a few equipments and you can save money in the long term. Eating healthy pays back as a healthy people need to pay much lees medical bills and can wear the same size of cloths for a long time (often the whole life).

Pre and Postnatal

Food plans
Are you in need of a pre and postnatal food plan? We can help you. Our high-qualified team is helping pregnant women and mothers all over the world to ensure a healthy baby and mother and to get back into shape after delivering a baby without depriving the mother and baby of the important nutrients that are necessary for pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Treat yourself

To a great skin
Are struggling with bad skin, acne or brittle hair and nails? We can help you. Bad skin and brittle hair and nails is often a result from the wrong diet. Our qualified team can help you to create a nutrition program that will let you shine from the inside out.

Meet Kristina our head Nutritionist and the founder of Happy Nutrition

Kristina Dos Santos is a Fitness Expert, Yoga Teacher and certified Nutritionist. Kristina was born in 1980 in Wiesbaden, Germany. She moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2002 and became a yoga teacher in 2004.

Giving public and private exercise lessons for several years, Kristina realised that becoming a nutritionist would be a wonderful addition to her current profession in order to provide a complete service for clients that consists of both exercise as well as nutrition advice.

In 2011 Kristina started to study Nutrition. She has a Diploma in Nutrition with Distinction by the Institute of Natural Healing and holds the title; Dip. N (Inst. NH). Additionally Kristina got certified in plant based nutrition by eCornell University in 2013. Kristina created the Happy Nutrition program based on her experience that she gathered while helping clients to reach their desired goals such as achieving their perfect weight, creating pre- and postnatal nutrition programs, improve general well being and happiness.


Being positive and happy is the key to achieve your goals!

– Kristina Dos Santos
Creator and head Nutritionist of Happy Nutrition