The Happy Fitness program works with many varieties of fitness and exercises and is providing a little something extra! Unlike the other programs, Happy Fitness incorporates Mind and Body at the same time. To succeed in any training program we need to have the right mindset and motivation for success, which is exactly what Happy Fitness is designed for.

The following Fitness lessons are available:

  • Happy Dance original lesson (HD) – 45min
  • Happy Hip Hop (HH) – 45min
  • Happy Jazz (HJ) – 45min
  • Happy Samba(HS) – 45min


All lessons will include a 10minute warm up, 30minutes choreographed exercise and a 5minute cool down.


Happy dance original lesson

This class is a combination of all styles of dance choreographed to original Happy Dance music. In this class the instructor will have a performance of 30seconds freestyle to capture and inspire the members to set class energy at its highest

Happy Hip Hop

Happy Hip Hop classes are having creative hip hop moves – showcased to original Happy Hip Hop music. As creativity is the main objective, the instructor will also have a 30second freestyle performance which is what will make this Happy Hip Hop class creative, fun and original

Happy Jazz

This class is comprised of basic jazz movements. It is designed to build creativity in body performance by means of sound effects, facial expressions and original jazz music. The Happy Jazz music can be varied in speed making this class unique for everyone.

Happy Samba

A low impact class with choreography and creative steps using Brazilian samba and latin dance movement.

Happy Fitness will change the way you feel about fitness and exercise and will not only improve your cardiovascular system but your overall health and well being.