HAPPY DANCE SURVIVOR is a competition that is promoting health, joy, friendship and fun using basic physical exercise and is open to all ages.

Every Happy Survivor Competition is a great way to dance and be happy together. The unity of all the participants is as important as giving your very best.
Underneath you can find the basic rules of every competition:

  • Class Division: 30 min aerobics class / 30 min – Latin Dance and basic samba / 30 min Hip – Hop
  • The classes are taught by qualified teachers and accredited by the Happy Dance Power System.
  • There is a 5 min Interval between classes.
  • Age divisions are: 5 to 10 years , 11-16 years , 17-49 years , 50-80 years.
  • Two judges are physical education teachers as well as two special guest judges.
  • The artistic criteria is 80 % and the technical criteria is 20 %
  • Artistic criteria : charisma , motivation , body movement , musicality , visual communication.
  • Technical criteria : alignment , coordination , strength , strength , flexibility , balance.

We also give special prizes for the most original costumes.
There is no specific dress code but please consider to wear proper clothing that allows you to perform the required exercises.

The first, second and third places will receive prize money . The fourth and fifth places will receive free gifts from the sponsors of the event. The best dressed person will receive a special price from the sponsors as well.

——The Rules of the Happy Dance Survivor Competition was created by the Japan Dance Association ( JDA ) and the Happy Dance Power System.